Mike Geary’s The Truth About Six Pack Abs Free Download can really save your bacon once you start reading and doing what it tells you. This can be a great way to eliminate those fats that are bumping in your stomach. This can help you figure out what you have been doing wrong in the past years why losing weight and getting flat abs is not attainable. All you have to do is to download a coffee read it in your tablet or have it printed if you wish to.

Eliminating Workout Misconceptions

One of the vital aspects of the Truth About Abs is proper exercise. You may have experience things like working out endlessly and still get no results? This is the main point of this program and it aims to eliminate the common belief about workouts and six pack abs.  Basically, you do not get that perfect set of abs by doing hundreds of crunches and sit-ups.  In actuality, these exercises can have more negative impact than good.

The program is more focused on doing the correct type of exercises that will eliminate belly fats because no matter how hard you work out, your abs will remain under your belly fats. Harsh exercises are not necessary because you can achieve better abs with compound exercises that involves the entire body. In fact, a simple isometric hold can do so much to develop your abs rather than 100 crunches each day. This is one of the main ideas about Mike Geary’s fitness program and this is what you have to know to achieve great looking abs.

Correcting Your Diet and Nutrition Practices

The book is also more engaged in helping you develop healthier eating habits in a very interesting and non restrictive way. It presented you with much choices rather than commanding you to take fad diets that will strip you of the essential nutrients that you need. Mike made it more interesting by including things like “the top three fruits that can help you lose belly fat” or “ the top three foods that you should avoid” like the following:

  • Soda - One of the main culprits in being overweight is drinking much of this thing. I bet you always do. When you drink soda, you are loading your body with all toxic levels of sugar which can is instantly converted to fats. This is one of the foods that you should avoid if you wish to trim off that stubborn belly fat.
  • White rice – White rice is a high carbohydrate food that also has a very high glycemix index.

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    This is one food that you should avoid if you wish to stay slim. According to clinical studies, consumption of this can be a predisposing factor for obesity and type 2 diabetes. This can be substituted with brown rice and others like oats.

  • White bread – This food product is made from 1005 sugar so these sugars can be transformed into excess fats. So, it is better to eat brown or whole grain bread.

These are just a minute nutrition aspect of The Truth About Six Pack Abs and you will definitely learn more as you download and read the fitness book.

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